Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas & Birthday Fun

It is so fun to have grandchildren!! Especially when they live close. I got Jacob and Preston some "bouncy balls" for their gift and they love them! All the rest of the day, they went around and around and around the kitchen. I think they slept well that night!

Two days after Christmas is Evelyn's birthday. She is fascinated with ladybugs, so of course I made her a ladybug cake. She loved it. Like I have said, Grandkids are the BEST!!

Settling In

We are finding our way through the boxes and getting more living space as the boxes go away. We are enjoying the new house. We didn't get pictures of the countertops on before because they were only put in the day before we moved in. It has been noted of Rachel that she can't pose for a "normal" picture, so you see her antics in these pics. Of course, David isn't much better!

We also found that we would need a new machine to help take care of our cul de sac because the city doesn't plow cul de sacs. We will be using it for fun also, but "needed" it to for the work we would have to do. ;-}.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Moving Along

They finished the deck today. The stairs go off the deck to the east. It will be really nice in the summer. David is standing in the upstairs family room where they have almost finished the carpet. The piece that was to go into my project room got damaged, so they had to order another piece from California. It will hopefully be here before we move in on Saturday! The last picture is the livingroom carpet. It doesn't show the detail of the carpet very well, or the true color, but I love its vine/leaf pattern and the soft green color.

Moving Along

These are the pictures of the basement. Someone made a mistake in measuring the countertop and Caleb is pointing out how bad it is. Then there is the slate for where the woodburning stove will sit. The "Grandkids Playroom" has a shelf all around the top (thanks for the idea Katrina!). The bedrooms all have the dark blue carpet (that was Alisa's choice, mainly, but we all liked it.) It doesn't show it too much in these pictures, but the carpet brings out the warm brown of the walls.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Almost There!

We now have an official front door. The old one was just a temporary. The stucco is also done. The cabinets were installed on Saturday, November 8. The red cabinets are the upstairs kitchen and the natural wood ones are in the basement kitchenette. It is all coming together. This week they will be putting the counter tops on and finishing the electrical. Hopefully the plumbing will be done and they are working on the patio and deck in the back. We just need the rain to stop for a few more days.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Big Trees!!

These are pictures of the trees that we had moved from our old place to our new. The top is Rachel and David standing by the Norway Spruce just after it was dug up. The next is David standing in the hole that was left when they took the Apricot tree. The third is what the back yard looks like with three of the new trees. This picture was taken from the master bedroom window. The bottom is Elisabeth and Daniel standing in front of the Northern Red Oak that they moved. It was fascinating to watch them work. With the spruce, they had to take the branches and tie them up to hooks that they had tied up to near the top. It is starting to feel more like home.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


This is what is happening with the house now. We have the brick done on the front. We are waiting for the hunt to get over so they can get the stucco done.
This is the view of the kitchen from the east side of the upstairs family room. There will be cupboards and an island there in the future.This is the basement family room looking to the east. There are two bedrooms, a bath, the grandkids playroom and the storage room looking this direction.
This is the basement family room looking west. There will a kitchenette in the corner and there is storage under the stairs and on the other side of the stairs that you can't see.

This is the closet in Alisa's bedroom. I am excited for the closets and storage areas that are in the house.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Here is for David...

David wanted to show part of the garden in that picture and I cropped it, so I am posting the original.

What we can see...

We can see out new house from our old house. I took this picture with the zoom on the camera. We really can't see it THAT well from our house.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Front of New House 8/22/08

The tractor is in a bad spot to give you a good view of the garage area, but it is the best I could do for now to show you what the outside looks like.
This is the front of the house from the east. You can't see the third garage on the west.

Monday, August 18, 2008

The House as of August 18, 2008

This is what the house looks like right now. This is the north side where the deck and walk-out basement will be. The corner window is the kitchen area.

Here is the new shed that we bought for our new home. The larger part will house the horses and their hay and the smaller opening is for the cart and lawnmowers, etc. David wants to use the enclosed are for a workshop.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hello from David and Zina

David and I met while attending BYU in the fall of 1975. After two weeks of dating we knew we were meant for each other and got engaged. (I tell my children not to do it that fast!). We married in April of the next year and have not regretted it since. We love life and the seven children we created, the spouses they have married and especially, we love our grandchildren. (No offense children, but they are a lot of fun and we don't have to do all the work!)