Monday, September 6, 2010

Bear River Trip

David and I shocked our children by taking off Saturday on an impromptu trip to follow the path of the Bear River. It was about 9 hours of travel and we didn't get to see it all, so we plan on finishing it sometime. We traveled through the Uintah Mountains and parts of Wyoming and Idaho to follow it.

We were driving along and hadn't planned on stopping, but it was such a breath-taking sight, we had to! This is a gorge along the Provo River, sorry, I don't remember the name of the gorge. We didn't take the time to hike down to it, but we plan to sometime.

This is the Provo River Falls. It was so beautiful! We stopped and wandered around for a while. Looks like it was a pretty popular spot for stopping and cooling off a little. Not sure that I wanted to get in the snow-fed waters, but it was a pretty hot day, even in the mountains.

We also had to stop and take pictures at the vista point near Hayden Peak. The Peak is 12,479 feet and we are at nearly 10,000 feet at the point of this vista. I was even a little nervous taking this picture because of the look of these cliffs.

We plan on doing this again, so we hope it is not that big of a shock to our children when it happens.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Clear Creek Hike

We took a little trip to Castle Dale, UT, to see the Castle Valley Pageant this week and stopped at Clear Creek and did some hiking in Green Canyon on the way down there. Evan and Alisa were with us, as well as Daniel and Elisabeth. We saw some neat things on our way! First stop in the canyon was at a sulfur springs. Didn't take a picture because it smelled so bad, we didn't want to stay long! A little further on the path we saw this toadstool. It was huge! That is Elisabeth's foot next to it. There were also a lot of butterflies and I got a good picture of this one. All my pictures of the swallowtail were blurry.

These are the mountains looking east from the Skyline Drive in Carbon County. The coal mine in the center has the longest running conveyor belt in the world running from there to the tipple that puts the coal into the train cars. Just an interesting little fact that David knew.

As we were coming down the trail out of Green Canyon, a grouse walked right in front of us, puffed out his neck and then strutted down the path in front of us clucking all the time, like he was letting us know that he was the king of this path. He didn't seem to be afraid of us and so we were able to watch him for several minutes. At least I think it was a him. Kind of a fun thing for us all to see.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bingham Canyon Mine

We found out that the Bingham Canyon Mine was having free admission this week, so we decided to take the grandchildren for an outing. Micah has the most pictures because he wanted to sit with the big rocks that were inside the old cart and didn't get out until everyone else had a picture while they were there. Evan came along to help and Daniel and Elisabeth were great helps in watching the younger ones for us.

Monday, June 28, 2010


I took my miniature horses in the Lehi horse parade again this year. I just do it for the fun of it, but I got a call from the parade organizer on Monday and she said that I had won a prize for "Best Pony Cart"!!! I am still laughing to myself over it.

Lehi also has a miniature float parade that has been going on forever. I have not been involved with a float very much except getting costumes for my children when they were in it. This year, they asked me to help design and build it. This was the finished float. We didn't win a prize, but we thought we should have.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bear Lake Fun

We had a family trip to Bear Lake, Utah. We rented a cabin there and on Sunday morning, while we were eating breakfast, we looked out the window and there were two moose wandering the yard. It was quite a site to see them so close up. We didn't get pictures of it, but we also saw some wild turkeys.
We all played at the beach on the south end of the lake. The grandchildren all loved it. That was the funnest part of the trip for me, because they all kept asking when we were going to the beach. When we got there, I was not disappointed by how much fun we all had, from the older kids; Rachel, Evan down to Daniel, Elisabeth, Preston, Jacob, Evelyn and 21 month old Megan.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Minnesota Trip

David and I traveled to Minnesota in April for my Mom's 90th birthday celebration. It was a fun trip and we had a picture taken with all of my siblings that were there. My sister, Karen, couldn't make it. The back row from left to right are: Brent, Randy, Jared, Dana, Mark. The middle row are: Zina, Adell, Ann and Lowell. The front row are: Merilee, Dad, Mom, Linnea. We also made quilt squares that represented each of our families and gave that to her.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ice Castles

David and I went to Heber the other day to get the skis and snowshoes for his 5th grade class going to Clear Creek. We stopped at an ice sculpture that had been advertised. We have had several days above freezing and it has made the sculpture unsafe to walk through, but we still got some pictures from the outside. It would have been fun to walk through. It looked amazing. Some of the structures were about 30 feet tall.