Monday, October 20, 2008

Big Trees!!

These are pictures of the trees that we had moved from our old place to our new. The top is Rachel and David standing by the Norway Spruce just after it was dug up. The next is David standing in the hole that was left when they took the Apricot tree. The third is what the back yard looks like with three of the new trees. This picture was taken from the master bedroom window. The bottom is Elisabeth and Daniel standing in front of the Northern Red Oak that they moved. It was fascinating to watch them work. With the spruce, they had to take the branches and tie them up to hooks that they had tied up to near the top. It is starting to feel more like home.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


This is what is happening with the house now. We have the brick done on the front. We are waiting for the hunt to get over so they can get the stucco done.
This is the view of the kitchen from the east side of the upstairs family room. There will be cupboards and an island there in the future.This is the basement family room looking to the east. There are two bedrooms, a bath, the grandkids playroom and the storage room looking this direction.
This is the basement family room looking west. There will a kitchenette in the corner and there is storage under the stairs and on the other side of the stairs that you can't see.

This is the closet in Alisa's bedroom. I am excited for the closets and storage areas that are in the house.