Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas & Birthday Fun

It is so fun to have grandchildren!! Especially when they live close. I got Jacob and Preston some "bouncy balls" for their gift and they love them! All the rest of the day, they went around and around and around the kitchen. I think they slept well that night!

Two days after Christmas is Evelyn's birthday. She is fascinated with ladybugs, so of course I made her a ladybug cake. She loved it. Like I have said, Grandkids are the BEST!!

Settling In

We are finding our way through the boxes and getting more living space as the boxes go away. We are enjoying the new house. We didn't get pictures of the countertops on before because they were only put in the day before we moved in. It has been noted of Rachel that she can't pose for a "normal" picture, so you see her antics in these pics. Of course, David isn't much better!

We also found that we would need a new machine to help take care of our cul de sac because the city doesn't plow cul de sacs. We will be using it for fun also, but "needed" it to for the work we would have to do. ;-}.