Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer Fun

We have had a lot of fun so far this summer and it is only the end of June!!  First, we took all the kids  to the Cub River Guest Ranch Lodge  near Preston, Idaho for a little reunion.  We rode horses, swam and hiked and played LOTS of games and just had a good time all together again.

Annalisa and Nathan in a hugging moment.  It was so cute to capture this candid moment when they just hugged.  Kissing cousins, you might say.

David playing with Annalisa and Nathan.  Alisa was in on the action also.

Alisa, Evan, Tiffany and me on horses.

Tiffany's horse was a lunch-mouth, so we lagged behind the others.

Rachel having fun with Evelyn, Megan and Micah.

We had a hike up to Willow Flat Springs, where it comes right out of the mountain.  Here are Ammon, Preston, Megan and Micah with various people we don't know in the background.

Caleb and Bethany took an adventure on the ATV with Aleeyah under the hat.  Evan hiked up to the Springs with her and she loved the whole hike!  Yea for future hikes with Aleeyah!

This is all of us together.  It is so hard to get 25 people to all look great in a shot, but we did pretty well.  On the left end is Seth's family, then Kadie's, then David and I with Rachel, Evan and Alisa, then Caleb's family and then Ammon's.  Tiffany was our photographer and did a great job arranging such a large group.  Alisa's friend, Harley, was there also to take a few more shots and make sure the camera went off after Tiffany got in.

And here are David and I with 12 of our favorite people in the whole world, our grandchildren!  Little Nathan who is in back of David was just having a great time being on Grandpa's back.  They were all getting pretty tired and so I bribed them with the promise of a taffy if they all smiled and looked at the camera.  You should have seen all the people in back of the camera trying to get the babies to smile and look at them.  As Dash states in The Incredibles, "I love my family!"

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Catching Up

This is Ahnalee, born in March to Ammon and Tiffany.  It was so fun to add a little girl to their family of three boys.  They all love her.  This is on her blessing day with the dress made by Great Grandma Cox. 

David and I had the adventure of going with the Sons of the Utah Pioneers group on an excursion to see where the pioneers had traveled from Fort Bridger Wyoming to the Salt Lake Valley.  This is a monument at Big Mountain, one of the last stopping places before they entered the valley. 

These are some of the ruts from the wagons left here over 150 years ago.  They can still very much be seen when they were cut so deeply.  It was rather steep here and just thinking about trying to get a wagon full of supplies up and down these mountains is amazing to think on.  David and I both had ancestors that traveled on this trail and made these deep ruts.  It was humbling to think back on all they suffered to get here.

David and I went on the first hike of the summer to Battle Creek Falls.  It wasn't a long hike, just rather steep, but worth the hike to see it and then get cooled off in the spray.
Aleeyah made her appearance a few weeks early in December to proud parents Caleb and Bethany.  She is wearing the blessing dress made by Great Grandma Cox.  It has been such fun to have Caleb and Bethany living with us to watch this sweet little girl grow.  We are sad that they are moving to Ohio, so far from us, but happy they are moving on with their lives and Caleb is going to get his Master's Degree there.

We wanted to have a family dinner in one of our favorite places to go, West Canyon, before Caleb and Bethany left.  The request was for my Dutch Oven BBQ Ribs, Chicken and then strawberry-rhubarb cobbler.  All of it was so delicious- should have taken the photo of the cobbler before it was all gone...
And, here is everyone enjoying the time there.  Evan in the foreground... eating... something he likes to do ; )