Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Moving Along

They finished the deck today. The stairs go off the deck to the east. It will be really nice in the summer. David is standing in the upstairs family room where they have almost finished the carpet. The piece that was to go into my project room got damaged, so they had to order another piece from California. It will hopefully be here before we move in on Saturday! The last picture is the livingroom carpet. It doesn't show the detail of the carpet very well, or the true color, but I love its vine/leaf pattern and the soft green color.

Moving Along

These are the pictures of the basement. Someone made a mistake in measuring the countertop and Caleb is pointing out how bad it is. Then there is the slate for where the woodburning stove will sit. The "Grandkids Playroom" has a shelf all around the top (thanks for the idea Katrina!). The bedrooms all have the dark blue carpet (that was Alisa's choice, mainly, but we all liked it.) It doesn't show it too much in these pictures, but the carpet brings out the warm brown of the walls.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Almost There!

We now have an official front door. The old one was just a temporary. The stucco is also done. The cabinets were installed on Saturday, November 8. The red cabinets are the upstairs kitchen and the natural wood ones are in the basement kitchenette. It is all coming together. This week they will be putting the counter tops on and finishing the electrical. Hopefully the plumbing will be done and they are working on the patio and deck in the back. We just need the rain to stop for a few more days.