Monday, September 6, 2010

Bear River Trip

David and I shocked our children by taking off Saturday on an impromptu trip to follow the path of the Bear River. It was about 9 hours of travel and we didn't get to see it all, so we plan on finishing it sometime. We traveled through the Uintah Mountains and parts of Wyoming and Idaho to follow it.

We were driving along and hadn't planned on stopping, but it was such a breath-taking sight, we had to! This is a gorge along the Provo River, sorry, I don't remember the name of the gorge. We didn't take the time to hike down to it, but we plan to sometime.

This is the Provo River Falls. It was so beautiful! We stopped and wandered around for a while. Looks like it was a pretty popular spot for stopping and cooling off a little. Not sure that I wanted to get in the snow-fed waters, but it was a pretty hot day, even in the mountains.

We also had to stop and take pictures at the vista point near Hayden Peak. The Peak is 12,479 feet and we are at nearly 10,000 feet at the point of this vista. I was even a little nervous taking this picture because of the look of these cliffs.

We plan on doing this again, so we hope it is not that big of a shock to our children when it happens.


ConservativeTeacher said...

Not bad for mere cell phone pictures!

WebGeek said...

An impromptu trip with no kids...... wow, I can't tell you how fun that sounds! ;)