Sunday, July 17, 2011

Petersen Family Reunion

Every three years, my family has gotten together for a family reunion. There were about 40 of us at the first one in 1984. The scope of this has increased every year with the addition of spouses, grandchildren and great grandchildren. This year we had over 110 people come together and renew acquaintances. What a fun three days we had at Pinewoods Resort in Duck Creek Village, Utah!

My parents had twelve children and they now have 67 grandchildren and over 80 great grandchildren. Mom and Dad are in their 90's and traveling was a little more difficult, so they flew out here first class and the airport people took good care of them so they didn't have to walk much.

This is all of my sibling, except one brother, who could not be there.

Here is all of the Cox family with my parents.

I introduce Evelyn (4) to my Mom shortly after we got there. She became enamored of the "Lady with the White Hair" and always had to go say "hi" to her. After our family picture, she had to be coaxed away because she wanted to be with her. I was laughing when she insisted I should take her to the "Lady with the White Hair"'s house in Minnesota and that we go there now! (I wanted to at least finish the reunion!)

One of the hikes we took was to Cascade Falls. This area is know for the Lava tubes and Navajo Lake drains by way of one of the tubes and comes out of the rock at this point. It was a fun hike, but a little unnerving because there is barely room for two people to pass in some spots and the other side is a cliff that goes way down! I walked with Evelyn to the falls and she was pretty steady, but Megan (almost 3) wanted to be Grandma's partner on the way back and she is a little less steady, so Daddy Seth came to the rescue when the path was a little more difficult.

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