Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Minnesota and Hiking

We took a quick trip to Minnesota to see my family there.  We stopped at David's brother's house in Nebraska first, then Mom and Dad's and Brent's in Minnesota, then Kadie's house in North Dakota and then home.  
Here is Evan with Grandma and Grandpa Petersen.
This is Merilee, Adell, my Mom and I.  Had a fun visit.
 Annalisa was being cute and putting on someone's sunglasses while we were at Kadie's house.

David and I decided that during this summer we were going to do a hike each week.  We started with a hike to Battle Creek Falls in Pleasant Grove, UT.  Then we had a hike at Willow Flats Springs in Idaho.  We next decided to see Stewart Falls in Provo Canyon, UT.  It was a beautiful hike that was mostly shady in the morning.  Rachel tagged along with us.
My wonderful, handsome David on the trail.

Just one of the spectacular views of the mountains that we saw.
Then we decided to take on a hike to what we call "Corner Canyon," but the books officially call it "Dry Creek Canyon."  It is a pretty steep hike, mostly up and then mostly down for 5.5 miles.  We hadn't looked it up before we left, but after we did, we found out that is was considered a pretty strenuous hike, not meant for beginners.  It was a great accomplishment for me!
This is what we were hiking to.  Horsetail Falls!  Beautiful!  It was worth the hike!

Evan and his friend, Amber made the hike with us.  This is the view out to the valley from where we were.

Yes, I made it to the waterfalls! But, David didn't get it in the picture like I asked...

David at the falls.

It was just so gorgeous up there.  Not a hike for beginners though.  We started out just before 8 and got down just after noon.  

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ConservativeTeacher said...

The falls can't be seen from where I took the picture of Zina. They are right behind her though.