Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Day 48 - A Trip to the Furniture Market

Day 48

It got the coldest we have had here in China so far, but still just jacket weather.  It cleared off very nicely after the rain yesterday and we saw a lot of blue sky today.  That was nice. 

I taught two freshman classes today. It went well.  The second class is small (30!) and they are very organized and easy to get along with.  Had a great time!  David came to get my bag and materials so that we could get away faster after class and they all clapped when I introduced him.

David and I met for lunch and went to the teacher buffet room.  Danny was there so we sat and ate with him.  Then we met Ben and Ethan outside the canteen and took a taxi to a used furniture market that they knew of.  We were looking for some computer chairs and a TV stand to make our life a little better here.  They sure knew the right place to go!  We found several chairs, but settled on some nice ones with lumbar support and neck support for me.  They were able to negotiate the price down for us so that we paid 210 RMB for each chair.  Then we found a little stand with drawers for the TV for 40 RMB. It was funny that the guy first told Ben that he wanted 50 RMB for it, but when I walked up to inspect it, he immediately dropped the price to 40 RMB!  It was like he really wanted me to buy it.  Then Ethan and Ben negotiated with a woman that had one of those motorcycle trucks to have it delivered to us.  Ethan rode with her to show her the way to our place and we took at taxi back to our place with Ben.  We got all of it; chairs, TV stand and delivery for about $100 US.  Works for me!

This is what the used furniture market looked like, well part of it.

David had six of his students that wanted to come over and learn to square dance today.  They went down on the sidewalk in front of our building and turned up the music.  He said they caught on pretty quickly and they were able to get through, “Oh, Johnny” and “Virginia Reel.”  He will be doing it again tomorrow afternoon.  I think there may be a little bit bigger crowd tomorrow if word gets around about how much fun they had.

David teaching square dance.

The Virginia Reel

We have also been approached by several people who want us to teach and tutor.  One of them came over this evening and talked to us.  They run a school in a suburb of Ji’nan that they want to have English instruction as a Saturday program for the children.  We think it sounds fun, so we will be going with them on Friday evening to meet the children and look over the program to make a decision about it for certain.  There is also a father here on campus that wants his teenage son tutored so he can go to study in the US next fall.  David will meet with him tomorrow to see if that will work.  

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