Saturday, October 26, 2013

Day 57 - Square Dance, Tutoring Alan

Day 57

David taught his class this morning and I stayed home and got things done for my classes.  Got through 163 emails, I have them email their homework to me.  That all takes a lot of time!  Have to figure out some way to streamline it.

We were going to take a taxi and try to get to Walmart for some butter and other things that we can’t find at RT Mart or TESCO, but I started to not feel well on the way to the South Gate, so we hurried home.  We had a lot of work to do anyway.  It wasn’t serious, just figured I better not be at the store at the moment. 

David had nine girls come for the square dance activity this afternoon and he used the tallest girls to be “boys” so that they could learn it.  It was harder not actually having boys there so it would have been easier to tell the “partners” and “corners” apart, but it worked out.  They had fun.

David started tutoring a high school boy this evening.  He wants to go to high school in the US next fall and his English has to be really good in order to be accepted into the program that does the student exchange, so he mostly wants someone to practice with, but also teach him history and customs.  He speaks quite well now, so it is mostly getting him ready for the US. 

After that, Gilbert, who is starting the school that he wants us to teach English at on Saturday’s for elementary school children came over and we talked about curriculum, salary and hours for teaching at his school.  He has big plans for his school and hopes that it will turn into something marketable.

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