Friday, October 25, 2013

Day 54 - On TV again...

David went off to teach his classes this morning.  We had planned to go to lunch at the Teacher Buffet, but David got home so late and we were busy trying to get things ready so we could go meet the other CTP teachers and get their tickets for tonight’s opera performance to them that we just decided to warm up from leftovers from Sunday and eat here.  I did some Facetime with Ammon’s and Seth’s families, because they were both over at Seth’s having dinner.  That was fun.

David had five students come over and he did a little square dancing with them and then we took off a little before 5 p.m. and caught the bus to the Hanlin Hotel and gave four tickets to the Purnell’s, Pam Carter and Steve Shauerhammer and then we got back on the bus and went to Wayne and Libby Clarke’s for dinner.  After dinner, we got a taxi to take us to the theater.  As soon as we got in the door, the woman that we had met last night that was in charge of the production, saw us and we talked with her for a little bit.  Libby and I bought a cute hand painted wallet each.  We all enjoyed the production, I enjoyed it even more than last night.  

Just two more parts of the performance that we really enjoyed.

As soon as the performance was done, a man named, Steve, from the Shandong Radio and TV station approached us and wanted to interview all of us.  They took us to a special room and talked to us one by one on camera asking about the performance and what parts we liked best and how we thought it compared to the Beijing Opera (which none of us had seen, so it didn’t matter).  It took almost an hour to do it all and then when we were done, they had arranged for a van to take us all to our apartments.  I could get used to this treatment…

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