Saturday, October 19, 2013

Day 52 - Teaching Football, Broken Cart Wheel

Day 52

David met eleven of his students at the volleyball field today so he could teach them to play American flag football.  There are not a lot of grass fields or playgrounds here in Ji’nan, I don’t know about the rest of China in that respect, but I haven’t seen a lot of grass areas for kids to just run.  He had boys and girls there that wanted to learn.  There would have been a lot more except there was a vaccination that several of them had to get and there were some involved in a school tournament basketball game.  At first they were more like young elementary students in catching the ball and when they did catch the ball they wanted to either pass it again or run from the opposing team that were coming at them.  It didn’t take long to have them grasp the idea of the game though and soon they were having a pretty good game and lots of fun.  There was a PE teacher waiting to take over the field after their hour was up so they had to end it, but as they were leaving the field, the teacher noticed that David had been using a soft football and she indicated that she thought that was good so the students wouldn’t get hurt.  He came home all sweaty from the fun he had had.

We worked on school work from then until about three p.m. and then we headed to RT Mart for groceries and a space heater.  We decided we better have one to be able to warm up until they turn the heat on in the building sometime in November.  We were pretty loaded down with groceries and the heater and a new frying pan (the non-stick coating was starting to come off in the food of the old one that was here in the apartment… not a good thing!)  One of the other BYU couples had lent us a little cart that we could use to go to the store and back and haul our groceries back with.  I think of all the couples here in Ji’nan, we are the farthest from a grocery store and to get to the bus is almost half the way we would have to walk to the bus stop, so we walked it.  I guess we could have gotten a taxi, but sitting around most of the day doing school work at a desk meant that we needed some exercise.  We were pretty tired by the time we got back with everything and just as David picked up the cart to haul it up the stairs one of the wheels fell off!  We were so glad that it had made it that far.  I know God is taking care of us!

I decided to make zucchini bread for the potluck dinner tomorrow.  So I spent the evening between that and school work and dishes.   

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