Thursday, October 31, 2013

Day 64 - Bank Book, Electrical Work

Day 64

David had class today, but I stayed home and got through a ton of work for my classes.  He said his classes went really well.  One of my students sent me a text wishing me a “Happy Halloween!”  I thought that was so cute from her. 

I met Eva at 11:00 so we could go to the bank and get a bank book for our account.  It seems some of the foreign teachers either don’t know how to get their bank balance at the ATM or there is some problem with their accounts, so we all had to go to the bank and get a bank book and then email a scan of the book to the administrator over our finances with the name page on it.  That took over an hour, but we finally got it and then we went to lunch at a restaurant that we like.  It is a little more upscale, but the food choices are good and it’s not “too spendy”.  We had a good talk while we were there. 

We finished work in the afternoon and then Eva came back over when she finished her meeting and we showed her pictures of Alisa’s wedding that Tiffany had on her blog and we talked over a few more things.  We have been having problems with our toilet and the plug in that’s in the bathroom, so some workers came over and started working on them.  The toilet works fine now, but the plug in is in serious trouble.  The wires had rusted through and the plug that had been placed in there for a temporary fix (who knows how long ago), was not working any more.  They couldn’t do any more tonight because they have to go to get a new plug and all the places were closed by the time they figured that out, so they will be back tomorrow.  Meanwhile, we weren’t able to leave and go get supper or fix any here because we had no electricity to the kitchen while they were working on that. 

By the time they did finish, it was less than half an hour until David’s tutoring boy, Allan would be here, so I went with Eva to the canteen to see what food we could still get there or she would take me to some place to get take-out.  The canteen was mostly closed, but they still had a few dishes sitting out on the counter, so I picked out three of them and then the guy offered me a deal on them.  It came out to less than $2 for all of it.  When you get take-out in China, they put it in plastic bags, not too different from a small plastic grocery bag.  I carried my three bags home and warmed them up for us to eat after Allan left at 8.  Hate to eat that late, but that was all we could do.  There won’t be any heat for the showers in the morning, so I guess we will get to sleep in an extra half hour…

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