Saturday, October 26, 2013

Day 58 - Alisa and CJ's Wedding Day...

Day 58 - Tears and Happiness

David and I got up extra early and got ready to do a Google Hangout at Alisa and CJ’s wedding dinner.  There were some technical problems to overcome, as there always seems to be with computers, but especially when you are getting five different computers going at the same time.  It’s pretty fantastic to think about having three different locations (the reception at the North Hampton House in American Fork, Caleb, Bethany and Aleeyah in South Carolina and David and I in China).  Eventually most of the bugs were worked out and we were able to be a part of the festivities surrounding Alisa’s wedding in a small way.  Not that I didn’t shed tears about not being there, but it was a small compensation. 
Alisa and CJ

Bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Alisa, just beautiful.
Alisa looked beautiful in her dress.  I wish that I could have heard Rachel’s song better.  It didn’t come through on the feed.  David and I gave a little advice.  I guess I should have found one of her cute antics from her childhood to tell, but I didn’t.  We would have loved to stay with them longer and enjoy more, but we had to get breakfast and get to class. 

Classes went well.  I had a girl approach me at the end of my first class and she wants me to help her improve her speaking skills so she can pass the GRE and TSOL tests. She wants go to American and get her Masters.  I told her to come to my apartment at 1 p.m. and we could talk.  I was a little late for my next class, but it sounds like they are getting used to me having a hard time getting from the one building to the other in the 20 minutes that there is between classes.  It would help if I didn’t have to climb four flights of stairs though. 

David and I had planned to go to the top-floor teacher canteen for lunch and see if the food was any better there, but we both got home late from classes and since we didn’t have any bread here for sandwiches, we decided to go to Yon Ho for some take out and eat back here at the apartment so that I could meet with the girl that had approached me between classes, Ann.  She was here waiting for me and we talked for over an hour and a half before we could eat our lunch when she left.  She reads English well and thinks that she hears it well, but she doesn’t comprehend what she is reading.  It is just words.  Now to figure out how best to help her...

David had a game time with some of his students this afternoon.  The two boys, Ethan and Benny, that helped us get the computer chairs and TV stand were going to come over this evening, but that didn’t happen, so we decided to go for a walk and get ice cream to “drown our sorrows” about not being able to be at Alisa’s wedding.  Maybe we were just celebrating…

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