Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Day 49 - Singing with Sophomores, Teacher Restaurant Alone...

Day 49

Today was one of those days that the karma in the classroom was overflowing!  My two morning classes were so fun to teach and be around those young people.  The lessons went well and the students responded to everything.  My afternoon class went that way as well, also.  David had a good time with his students, too.

For lunch, we had to run some errands, so we went to McDonald’s.  I had a grilled chicken sandwich that I had a hard time recognizing the meat as chicken, but I guess it was close enough.  We stopped for meat at my favorite little meat market and picked up some fruit from the other vendor that I go to on the way out of the complex where the meat market is.  I will have to get pictures of these people to keep for a memory because even though we don’t communicate with the words, we do communicate. 

David came to my afternoon class of sophomores and we sang some songs with them.  I am using tongue twisters with them to work on the sounds that they need the most work on and they love it.  So we sang the song, “Mules,” because when you get going faster and faster with it, your tongue gets tangled.  That was fun!

We decided to go to the “Teacher” Restaurant that is in the canteen for dinner and try our luck at ordering some of the dishes that Eva did for us when we went with her the first time.  We were successful and had a good dinner.  We had to hurry home though, because we were to meet the family of a 14 year old boy that wants to improve his English enough so that he could go to the US to attend school next year.  They have asked David to tutor him.  It is a very nice family and he is a nice young man.  We got the details worked out for the time, place and payment.  

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