Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Day 154 – Reed Flute Cave

They wanted us to be on the bus at 8:30 a.m.  We were disappointed to find that David’s iPhone was not in his suitcase.  We are still looking for it.  I may have fallen deeper in the suitcase than we looked or it may have been put in a different red suitcase (some of those with red suitcases will check their luggage tonight and let us know it they find it), or it was stolen.  We are still hopeful of finding it.

We had a two-hour drive back to Guilin and then we went to the Reed Flute Cave.  They have put lots of lights in this cave and also named a lot of the formations with cute names and then show you how to look for the animal or what ever it is.  They show a 3-D movie in the cave that represents the formation of the cave.  It was name Reed Flute because of the acoustics that make the traditional Chinese reed flute sound really wonderful.

Inside the Reed Flute Cave.
This stalagmite might become a column someday...

The Crystal Lake.

This was the flower garden.
This was the last formations they showed and the guide sang a song to us.

The next stop was the local silk factory.  We were shown the process that silk goes through and then given the big schpeel on how wonderful this type of silk was and you could get it for only…   We looked as quickly as we could and then got out of there.  Lots of beautiful stuff but the price was more than I want to pay.
When they first get the silk cocoons, they soak them, put them in water and then stretch them our on this form.  The original cocoon is only about an inch long and a half inch in the middle, but it stretches a lot!
This was a bunch of the silks together.

They take the silk and pull it apart until it covers a 6 x 6 area.  They pull it gently and use many layers to make a silk comforter.

We got back on the bus for the hour ride to the airport.  After we got out tickets, we had lunch at one of the airport Chinese food restaurants.  The food was pretty good there.  Then we waited for our flight.  We flew from Guilin to Kunming where we had a four-hour wait for our next flight to Li Jiang.  Lots of time to sit and wait at the airport...

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ConservativeTeacher said...

We found the iPhone! I had quickly stuck it in my red suitcase under the bus before getting on. Unfortunately I didn't look closely and I put it in ANOTHER red suitcase instead. They found it in their's at the airport. I was so relieved!

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