Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Day 10 - Signing the Contracts

Day 10
This morning we had to meet the other first year teachers from three of the Shandong Universities to get our paperwork done.  Six of us from BYU were there along with five younger guys and an older Scotsman that had met on our campus.  We signed contracts, got our paperwork done for registering and also got a card set up for meals at the Canteen on our campuses. 
When we were done, Wayne and Libby Clark came to our place along with Stan and Nancy Pace.  We went to lunch with Wayne and Libby at Yon Ho, a “fast food” Chinese place that we like.  While we were waiting for our order to be served to us, Stan and Nancy came along with the Chinese  girl, Lily, that had taken them to get a cell phone for Nancy and we all had lunch together.  Lily is such a pleasant girl to be around.  She loves to practice her English with us, so it is great to have her around. 

After lunch Libby, Wayne, David and I went to DaMing Lake and took a boat ride on the lake.  It was fun because the ride took us through the area where there are a lot of bridges and interesting buildings.  Then we walked some of the paths.  We parted ways at RT Mart to do the shopping that we needed to do and after supper, I made pear crisp for the potluck dinner after Church tomorrow.

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