Monday, September 23, 2013

Day 27 - Gifts From Sherry

Day 27

I had to wait around for the people to bring water here this morning, so I did Facetime with Rachel and Alisa.  It is always good to hear their voices and talk “face-to-face.”  I also got some work done on the next two units for my Wednesday afternoon class so that I can be ready for the next few weeks and after the holiday that is coming up on the First of October.  One of the girls from my class, Meg, needed to get a paper from me to take to the Biology Department on the East Campus so that I can get my free meals at the Canteen for teachers, so I met her at noon and get that to here.  We had planned to eat at the Canteen for lunch, so David and Danny met me there and we sat with Ken, the teacher from Scotland, for lunch.

I started to not feel good about an hour after lunch, but I worked away at my units for teaching.  David was working on his also trying to be ready for the holiday.  Sherry came over at 5 p.m. and brought us two moon cakes and also a scarf for me from the Hangzhou area where they are known for their silk.  She also talked about her fun Mid-Autumn holiday trip had been with her parents.  She brought David a brochure about the area.  She visited until she had to go to class again.  I would have offered her something to eat, but if this is more than something I ate, I hate to spread it. 

We continued to work on our lessons tonight.  The weather turned cold and rainy just as we were finishing lunch, so we had to hurry home and then we stayed in the rest of the day.

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