Sunday, September 22, 2013

Day 26 Sunday

Day 26

David had to teach today to make up for the Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday that we just enjoyed. A few of the other BYU teachers had to teach today also, but there were 7 of us that were lucky and didn’t have to.  I went to Church alone.  Rode the bus by myself and remembered the stops and I was actually early because we found a new bus route to take and it only takes 45 minutes to get to Church now! 

A first for the CCID Branch happened today!  We had a baby blessing in Church!  They have not done that before and I’m not sure it the other Priesthood holders were actually in the room with the father or if it was a virtual as it seemed to us, but it was wonderful.  I had this thought come to me as it was going on and I was feeling the strength of the Priesthood, “Even though we are separated by distance in our Branch, we are all under the umbrella of the Holy Ghost.  It reaches out and touches our hearts.”

David was able to make it to the potluck dinner afterward and we enjoyed the fellowship there.  We went to the Clarke’s apartment with them and they gave us an extra fan that they had.  We have been sweltering with the heat and humidity here.  The AC does not work very well in our apartment.  It is only in the living room and doesn’t reach into the bedroom.  I think we will be able to sleep better now.

As I was preparing the green beans for our potluck today, I had the presence of mind to take a picture of the green beans that we have here in China.  They are about 18 inches long!  They look strange, but taste almost as good as the ones from our garden at home.  We have missed our garden.


Mary said...

We grew beans that look like that in our garden this year. They are called asparagus beans.

Unknown said...

Mary, where did you get the seeds for this asparagus beans?

Tyler and Kaiden said...
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Mary said...

Sorry, I was accidentally signed in as my son, if you are wondering where that last comment came from. I buy seed at Walmart or Lowes or the like. I don't remember exactly where these came from.

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