Sunday, September 8, 2013

Day 12 - Chicken Feet Soup for Potluck Sunday

Day 12
Alisa called and we did some Facetime before we had to get ready for Church.  She had a special experience to tell us about when she and CJ went to the Salt Lake Temple that day.  As they were waiting in the Chapel, Alisa got the feeling that she was going to meet someone that she knew there that day.  As they were leaving the Chapel to go to the first room, she felt a hand on her arm and it was her Aunt Carolyn, David’s sister.  It was cool for her to have that experience. 

We left for Church at 8:30 because we planned to get there a little early to help set up the microphone for when we gave our talks, but it took us until 9:45 to get there.  So much for early…  David and I were sustained as the Group Leader and Relief Society Group Leader.  Any objections are to be emailed to our Branch President; I guess I will be doing that… not).  Our talks went well and seemed well received.  Potluck dinner afterward was yummy and we had a fun visit again.  Pam Carter was not feeling well, a bad cold, so I gathered some dinner for her and took it down to her.  We decided to take a taxi home to get us there faster.  It is about twice the price of the bus and less than half the time, but we still hope to find a faster way on the bus there.  More research.

Just as we were coming home after being dropped off by the taxi, we had about 4 minutes left to walk to our apartment and the rain started.  Thank goodness we had an umbrella with us.  It was coming down pretty good and we would have been soaked had we not had it.  We did get a little wet, trying to fit both of us under it.  Just after we got in the apartment, it really started coming down harder.  The rain lasted for about a half hour, and then let up nicely. 

Eva was at the campus doing some work and came over to answer some questions we had on different subjects.  We gave her the rest of the pizza I had made.  I hope it was as good as she remembered pizza to be.  Trying to make it here in China is different because not all of the ingredients are the way I would have it in the U.S., but I tried and we thought it was pretty good. 

On the bus ride to Church, we had three different people talk to us in English.  Two were younger people.  One was a girl who was a student at Shandong East Campus.  Another was a young man who had graduated from Shandong University and now works in the IT field.  They both had a rather good command of the language.  The other was a woman who seemed to be about 50 and while her skills were not great, she did speak to us and we talked a little.  I was so pleased with her for speaking to us.  It showed great courage, because I know I feel a little intimidated when I try to use the little tiny bit of Chinese that I know to a native speaker.  It would be nice to run into her again. 

For the potluck today, one of the couples wanted to try a dish with the chicken feet that you find sold in all the stores here (raw, pickled, smoked, you name it).  I wasn't brave enough to try eating one, didn't really care if I ever did or not, but some of the men did.  Just not a whole lot on there to eat.  I think the Chinese stew them all day long until the bones are really soft and they just crunch the whole things down.  Still not sure I want to try it even then.

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