Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Day 21 - David's "First Day" and Lunch with Sherry

Day 21

David headed off to class and came home 15 minutes later.  Seems there was a change in the schedule for classes and he has to teach Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Still has 16 hours, but the days were changed without telling him, except on a schedule that was written in Chinese… welcome to China!  We had planned to go to dinner this evening with Sherry, the girl who helped me with my class last Wednesday when we came too early, and she said it would be better for her if we could go to lunch instead. 

We met Sherry at the campus South gate and took a taxi to a huge mall they have here.  I should have taken pictures of it, but it was spacious!  Seven floors and two parking levels in the basement!  There was a Cantonese style restaurant here that she wanted to treat us at.  We ordered a large lunch and enjoyed the food.  Some of the new foods that we ate at this lunch included: jelly fish, lotus root and lotus bulb and black fungus.  Liked most of them; might eat them again.  We also had a great time talking with her. 
This was the remains of our meal.  Yummy food!

She wants to practice her English because she is hoping to go to the US for her Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Management.  She has to pass a test that says her English is good enough to qualify for this, so the more she practices, the better she will be.  She hung on every word that we said and if there was a new word, she wanted to know the meaning and usage.  Such a lovely, bright young woman!  After the lunch, we had to walk a few blocks to catch the bus back to the campus and we walked by one of the many springs that Ji’nan is known for.  It was beautiful and such a respite from the extreme heat and humidity of this day.  Sherry came back to our apartment with us and we showed her pictures of our family, home and our visits to many of the places that we have visited in the US. 

The springs that we walked by.


Lots of people were there trying to cool off a little.

Because it was so hot, I had to rest and cool down for a little bit.  This is the first time we have turned on the AC in our apartment.  It is not very effective because it only cools the small living room, but it did help to give me back a little energy that the heat had zapped out of me.  We needed to get a new ink cartridge for the printer, so we braved the heat, which had started to cool, and went in search of one.  We were successful and once again, a picture was worth a thousand words.  We have started printing off pictures of things we want and show them to the people and they point us to the right stores where we can find what we need.

The stores here are interesting.  Any place there is a spot that they can set up a little shop, they do it.  You will find things crammed in every little place.  In the space of one block, you could have two China mobile stores, a couple of banks, several street vendors; five or six clothing shops (at least!), some restaurants and several other stores that will sell electronics.  Talk about Capitalism!!!

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We ate some jelly fish and black fungus among other things for lunch!

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