Monday, September 30, 2013

Day 34 - Chinese Toilet

Day 34

David had classes this morning.  We met Eva at the special place that teachers at the University can eat at.  We get compensated for the days that we teach for 4 hours.  It accumulates on the card so that you don’t have to use it for that day, but whenever you want, as long as you use it all up before the semester ends.  She ordered some really yummy dishes that we all enjoyed together.  She also ordered too much, so we came away extremely full and didn’t eat much supper. 

After lunch, we went back to our apartment and picked up some banana bread that I had made and then met Eva in the parking garage so that she could drive us to RT Mart for some last minute things to get before our trip for the National Holiday.  We walked home after we did our shopping and got the cash we will need for our trip also.  The rest of the day was just making sure that we had everything packed for our trip and our classes were ready for when we get back.  

For those that are curious, here is a Chinese toilet.  

Yes, you stand over it (hoping you have the right aim) squat and release.  Flushing TP is a no-no (although, I do anyway).  That's what the green basket is for in the corner.  The little red button on the wall is the flusher. There are "western" style toilets available in many places.  I try to choose those, but can't do it all the time.  They are usually meant for the handicapped.  

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ConservativeTeacher said...

Their systems get backed up if you flush the toilet paper, so we learned later to put all the TP in the wastebasket. (yuck!)

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