Saturday, September 21, 2013

Day 25 - Foreign Teacher Party

Day 25

Eva planned to spend some time with use today to help us find some things that we haven’t been able to find yet in the grocery stores, salt being one of them.  There was some here from the previous apartment dweller, but I was almost out of it.  We went to a huge outdoor market and found some great deals on some fruits and vegetables.  We finished our shopping around lunchtime and went into Jingren Pie for lunch (they have a fruit salad there that is divine!) and while we were there, the rain started.  It came down pretty strong for quite a while.  Eva was helping David with some questions that he had about teaching his students and when we were done, we had hoped that the rain would let up.  It kept coming down hard for about 15-20 more minutes and finally let up enough that David and Eva, who had the umbrellas, could make it to the car and then came and picked me up with the heaviest of the groceries.  That is the most rain I have seen here in Ji’nan since we came. 

The afternoon was spent getting lessons ready for next week.  At 4 p.m., we had a gathering of all the foreign language teachers from 3 of the Campuses of Shandong University at our apartment complex.  Lots of good food.  I made BBQ spare ribs.  Several of the leaders and people that we work with in the Foreign Languages department came also.  In total there were about 35 of us here.  David brought out his guitar because the Deputy Director had brought his 9 year old son who is learning classical guitar and had him play some.  Then David and I sang some songs.  Morgan, a guy from France that teaches French (imagine that!!), was so excited to have another guitar player here, that he ran up to his apartment and brought his guitar down and then we had a real jam session!  A good time was had by all!

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