Friday, September 27, 2013

Day 31 One Month Anniversary

Day 31 - One Month Anniversary
One month ago today, we left for China.  What a great experience this is being.  So happy we did this!  We are making friends and learning a lot.

David had two morning classes to teach today.  Kristina, from the Foreign Teacher’s Affairs office, knocked on our door about 10:30 a.m. and said they had found a desk to replace the little tiny one that I have been using. It was starting to cause problems with my back and neck for how I had to sit in at it because it was so small and it had a tiny shelf where my legs needed to go.  I was so happy.  I moved the old desk from where it was, swept and wiped the floor down (it was pretty dirty, not sure when the last time it was moved and cleaned under because I haven’t since we have been here).  They had to clean it up some and then brought it in!  It looks wonderful and my legs fit under it.  I can stretch out when I need to and I have a place to rest my arms! 

David and I went to lunch with one of his class monitors, Sophia.  She had said she would help us mail a package home, so after lunch, we picked up the package from our apartment and headed over to China Post so we could mail them.  We showed the clerk what we had to mail and she found the right size box and packed it for us, so it should land state-side in good shape.  As we were leaving the post office, there was a man and his wife sitting by a little wagon outside and he was repairing shoes.  The stitching on David’s sandal was starting to come apart again, so we stopped and since we had Sophia with us to interpret, we got his sandal repaired.  His wife was sitting there with him knitting a pair of gloves for him to wear in the winter.  I got a picture of them.  Such a cute couple!  He stopped working on the shoe he was working on and fixed David’s sandal right away. 

Shoe repairman stitching on David's sandal.

This is the wife knitting the glove.  She had about 8 knitting needles in there doing the last two fingers.  You can just barely see Sophia, our helper today, behind David.

The afternoon was working on lesson plans and having supper.  After working for an hour or more tonight, we went for a walk.  It was really pleasant, starting to get the nip of fall in the air, but still warm enough to want to be out in it.  Bought some apples and an ice cream treat at one of the little places that they have on campus.  They were really excited to serve us.  I think they consider it an honor to have their foreign teachers stop and buy from them.  Wish our grasp of the language were coming along faster.

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