Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Day 13 & 14 - Raising the Frig and Bank of China Account

Day 13 & 14

Monday was rather quiet for us.  One of the BYU couples, Wayne and Libby Clark, had come over last week and suggested a way to make the kitchen work better for me.  The refrigerator was really too low to get into and was hard on my back because of the way it was.  Some of the other apartments that have had BYU couples in for a long time have got them set up on a shelf that puts it up higher.  The TV in the living room was on a stand that was just about the right height for it, so we moved things around and David’s co-teacher, Danny, came down and helped us move the refrigerator up on it after we got that moved around.  Later that afternoon, another teacher, Jason, that we had met last week came over for a visit.  He is a 38 year old single guy from North Carolina. 

Tuesday, we met Eva along with Danny at 9 a.m. and she took us all to the Bank of China to set up our bank cards.  At first they would not accept the copies that were made of our passports.  Our passports are still in the hands of the police that are getting our work Visas ready.  We had to give them the paper that the police had given us that said it would work to replace our passports until we got them back.  They even asked Eva for her identification and had to call the police and the university to make sure of it all.  After two hours, we finally walked out of there with a bank card in our hands.  Then we were able to take that information to the University so that we could get paid for teaching here! 

Stan and Nancy Pace had come over this way to get their bank cards in the afternoon, so they just came over and we spent the afternoon with them.  They had found brown sugar at the RT Mart and I showed them where the flour was at.  After that, we went to Jingren Pie for supper.  We really like that place!  The pies are not American pies, they are meat or veggies or both, that are baked in a bread biscuit.   There was a lot of other good stuff there and we really ate too much.   David had texted Eva that we were eating there and that we really liked it.  She had just finished teaching her class, so she picked us up and took us home.
We are eating at Hon Yo, with from the left, Libby and Wayne Clark and on the right, Nancy and Stan Clark.  Our good Chinese friend, Lily took the picture.
Here is the shot with Lily, a very beautiful girl!  Also a great help to us in learning the city of Ji'Nan!

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