Thursday, September 12, 2013

Day 16 - Finding the Copy Center

Day 16

David had a meeting with his supervisor and co-teachers at 9 a.m.  I worked here at the house doing laundry and dishes and working on my next lesson.  My students are all headed on a medical path and will finish in 5 years from now.  The first lesson is all on getting a job and learning to interview and I don’t think it is really relevant to their situation, so I have to adjust the class for their needs, I believe.

We went to lunch at the Canteen and then went to find the copy center that was supposed to be in the teaching building closest to our apartment.  We found it.  It was inside a little shop that a man and his wife run where they sell all sorts of little things for the student – soda pop, water, notebooks, pens, treats and……. Copies!!  The woman had a cute little baby that was about 3-4 months old.  I walked over to the baby and got him to smile at me.   Once again, the parents seem really happy when you notice their children and especially that I got the baby to smile at me. 

After we took the copies back to our apartment, we went to the streets to find a new wallet for David.  We had seen some vendors on the streets earlier, but I think they only come out on the weekends, so we had to settle for getting some bananas from a street vendor and then some bread and yogurt at the Uni-Mart.  We can’t find milk here that we are okay drinking (they like to add stuff, grains, vegetables and who knows what else to their “milk”), so we have become satisfied with a drinkable yogurt that has a good flavor.  A woman in the store was trying to “help” us decide with yogurt to get and pointed to the Olympic rings symbol on the one container.  I’m sure she was very proud that this brand of yogurt was a sponsor of the Olympics.  She spoke no English, but we communicated anyway, smiles and pointing are very important!

I made BBQ spare ribs in my new crockpot for supper.  Very yummy!  I had been looking for brown sugar and finally found it, but it really is just white sugar with molasses added to it.  So it was easy to add it to some ketchup and make a quick and easy BBQ sauce for the ribs.

They have these large rocks all over campus.  Some have words written on them and some are just rocks.  We haven't found anyone on campus yet that can tell us the significance of the rocks, but I'm sure there is one....  Hmmmm.... we are in China.....

This is a park that we walk through on the way to the canteen.  It has a pretty walkway.

We don't know who they guys are that are depicted in the statues, but they are in the park, too. Wasn't sure how close I wanted to get to him, at least he is dead...

Still don't know who David is standing by.  

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ConservativeTeacher said...

The rocks are there to create the ambiance, I was told.

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