Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Day 22 - Potatoes and Copies

Day 22

David had class this morning.  I went over just at the end of his first class and stayed for the beginning of his second class.  Then I went in search of food.  I’m looking for potatoes and not finding any in at these smaller sidewalk vendors.  I’ll probably have to go to RT Mart and see if they have some there.  The sidewalk vendors sell what is in season at the moment, and I guess the late season fruits and nuts are what you find right now. 

We went to the paper shop and got some more cardstock paper.  We are doing information cards that we have the students fill out so we can get to know them better and he was running out of them.  In the teaching building that is closest to our apartment, there is a little store that a couple runs.  He makes the copies and she sells the food and things for students.  After our first trip there to make the copies, David had forgotten to pick up his original, so he printed out another copy for today.  We walked into the shop and the man turned around, grabbed David’s first original!  I realize that there are not many Anglo teachers on campus, but to have him save the copy and give it to us when we came in was great!  We shared a laugh, which aside from the numbers for money, was the best way to communicate!

My class went better for the most part today.  Still having some technical issues with the computer, but it is mostly because I can’t read Chinese.  At one point, the students’ eyes seemed to be starting to glaze over because we were going over terms and vocabulary and it was getting pretty dull for me, too, so since David had just arrived with his guitar, we put up the words to Country Roads and had them singing.  They sang somewhat, but a lot of cell phones came out and they were either just taking pictures or recording it.  Chinese students like to applaud. 

Thursday is the Moon Cake Festival, so we don’t have to teach the rest of this week, except David has to teach on Sunday to make up for the classes that the students will miss on the Friday.  He has to teach 2 Sunday’s in a row because of this holiday and the National holiday from Oct 1-7.  It is interesting how they decided that at first the graduate students wouldn’t have to make up the missed classes and then all of a sudden, they have to make it up.  This is China!

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