Friday, September 13, 2013

Day 17 Orientation Meeting and Pizza Hut

Day 17

Started the day hoping to talk to Alisa.  She had her final dress fitting this afternoon (morning here) and I had hoped to be there via Facetime, but that didn’t happen.  She sent me some pictures and it looks gorgeous. 

Worked on some lessons this morning.  Sister Elise Britton, Branch Relief Society President called and she talked about some of my duties now as the Group Relief Society Leader.  It still scares me a little, having to set up Visiting Teaching and be the “care-taker” of this group of women here.  David and I had an orientation with the other new Shandong Central Campus teachers.  Wayne and Libby Clark were also invited since they are the only new teachers at their campus. 

After the meeting, We and the Clark’s walked over to the Pace’s apartment.  We talked for a long time and then decided to go out to Pizza Hut and experience it Chinese Style!  It is more like an upscale restaurant here.  It was still pizza, but you could order all sorts of salads, soups, drinks, desserts and even some rice dishes.  It all tasted good, but it was rather expensive compared to other Chinese food.  Then David and I went to RT Mart to grab some groceries and saw Stan and Nancy there in the checkout line.  Caught the bus for home and went to bed.  Exciting, huh?

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