Monday, December 16, 2013

Day 110 – In Search of a Church and Finding a… Cooking Show?

David went off to classes while I worked here.  There is a lot to do to get ready for finals as I will be starting them on Wednesday. 

After lunch, David and I went in search of the church building where the BYU teachers will be singing some Christmas carols on Christmas Eve.  We were told that if we took bus #1 and rode it to a certain point, that we would be able to see the steeple and find the correct church.  We will be singing at the Chinese Christian church (one of the three official churches sanctioned by the Chinese government) and since we have never been there, we decided we better try to find it in the daylight, so we would know where to go that evening. 

We got on the right bus and then tried to follow where the bus was going on the map that we had.  It took a few unexpected turns but we got off at what we thought was the correct stop and then after rechecking the map, we headed south.  We got to the road that it was supposed to be on, but we couldn’t see any steeple.  We decided to walk just a little way down the direction that we thought we should and within a few hundred feet, we saw the steeple with the BIG red cross on it.  We stopped and took a picture and checked the door to look in, but it was locked so we went back to the street.  Glad that we had found it.

The Christian Church that we were in search of in Jingsi Lu.

We decided to take a different bus back and see if we could find a shorter route to walk to it, since one of the sisters has a hard time walking very far for very long.  We took bus K59 back to where we were in familiar territory, but we decided we better get off then so that we knew what bus we could take back home.  It would have been fun to explore some of these bus routes more, but we had to get back for guess what….?   MORE WORK!!

I was busy trying to get supper made when David receives a telephone call from our friend, Jane, who works in the English Broadcasting office.  There is a popular cooking show here on Ji’nan TV and they want someone who knows how to bake to come on the show and make pies.  They want ME to do that!!!  They wanted to do the taping on Wednesday, but that is my heavy day with classes (6 hours of teaching), so they decided to do it on Thursday, my day off of classes.  I sent them a list of supplies that I need for making a pumpkin, banana cream and lemon pie.  My stomach is a little fluttery right now!

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