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Day 116 – Christmas Program

Day 116 – Christmas Program

David and I took a taxi to the Hanlin Hotel for Church.  The driver knew a few words in English and I think he said all of them as we were getting out of the taxi!  We arrived early enough that we could rehearse our songs once before Sacrament Meeting started.

The program was off to a rough start when it sounded like the system wasn’t going to work but it went along well and I thought our songs sounded good.  David, Wayne Clarke and I all read scriptures for it.  For roll call after the meeting, they wanted us to say “Merry Christmas” in as many different languages as we could.  That was funny.  There was quite a variety.  David said it in Navajo since he was the one stating the attendance.  Jim Purnell wanted to do it in Canadian – “Merry Christmas, Aye!”  Dinner was a scrumptious affair with Sue Schauerhamer making scones along with all the other yummy food.  We had to leave a little earlier than we would have liked to because we had to get home for the camera crew to come.

We had a long wait for the bus to get there and then we hurried home as fast as we could.  We met Eva and Alina going to the library before they were going to come to our place.  The camera guy and two of the girls from the program were there already waiting for us.  They had the pie and it was still all in one piece.  I had made a second one with the leftover pie crust dough from Friday in case something happened to the Friday one on the way here.  The TV people were nervous because their English skills are very small and they needed to explain some things to us.  We didn’t have anyone coming there until 3:30, so it was a little awkward during that time.  David’s students, Ashley and Adam were the first here, so we got started with some explanations of what they wanted.  Eva and Alina made it soon after and then at 4 p.m., Sirius Hu made it here and Alan and his mother came also. 

They wanted us to say a few phrases in Chinese at the beginning of the show, but I don’t think I could tell you any of them right now.  Some of it was in English, some in Chinese.  We sang “Jingle Bells” (very popular here in China) and then we did the tasting of the pie.  Everyone said they loved it and we had to have two “takes” of the girl who was tasting the food and declared it “delicious” (a favorite word here in China when you are talking about food) and then gave the spiel about the peanut oil that is a sponsor of the show.  They gave us a four liter bottle of the oil.  I’m not sure how soon we will use it all up, but I don’t think we will have to buy any more oil here!

Our Christmas Party attendees.  Back row: Eva, Adam, Ashley, Sirius, Alan's Mom.  Seated: Alina, me, David and Alan.

Added the TV crew in:  The girl in red was the "official taster."  The girl next to me held the microphone and was more the boss of the crew.  She was the one who tasted the pie and then had to have another piece.  The camera man is holding the camera in the back next to Sirius.

Our new four liter bottle of peanut oil! And our Christmas tree.

They all had a piece of pie and then we cut up the other pie I had made and we only have two small pieces of that left, so I think it was a big hit!  The one TV girl tasted a small piece of the pie while the girl in red was finishing her peanut oil advertisement and exclaimed how she loved the pie and then had to have another piece!  I had also made cookies last night and they were enjoyed by everyone here.  I was able to give the rest away to those that were here so we have no more homemade cookies in the house. 

Eva brought David a scarf as a gift (she said that she wants me with her when she picks out a scarf for me).  We had a stocking filled with candy for each of the students and people that were here.  Sirius brought us a chicken and a jar of pickled garlic.  Adam and Ashley brought us a large bag of goodies and hand warmers for our trip to Harbin next week to help us stay warm.  They all had to leave shortly after that but it was such fun to have them all here.  Alina was really nervous in front of the camera, but we got her into it and she did okay.  Her first time on TV… well for almost all of them I think.  Another happy memory made here in China… a Christmas to remember. 

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