Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Day 111 – New Slippers

Day 111 – New Slippers

My classes went well this morning.  These students are great!  David stayed home and mopped the floors and did his work.

After lunch, Wayne and Libby Clarke came by for a home teaching visit and then we went to the market where Eva took us to last week and I bought my sweaters.  Libby is looking for some for her and since they found some in my size, I figured they would have some for her size.  She bought one nice looking sweater and some shoes similar to the ones I bought.  David bought some slippers similar to mine to keep his toes toasty warm as the days get colder.  We bought a few other things and then the Clarke’s went to the Pace’s to home teach them and we went on home to do more work and be ready for classes tomorrow.  Our oral interviews for the finals start then.  I hope I’m ready.

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