Friday, December 27, 2013

Day 121 - Students Bearing Gifts

Day 121 – Students Bearing Gifts

David and I both had finals in our classes today.  I had two boys that were supposed to be in my class all semester, but the college moved them over to another campus so that they couldn’t attend my class and they wanted a final interview with me to see if they can pass.  I interviewed them anyway.  Now I have to find out what the school wants me to do with them. 

In my second class, three of the girls were hanging around until I was done with all the interviews and then they approached me with some gifts.  Thalia and Erin had two cute little keychain dolls, one in black and the other in white and wanted me to remember them by.  Of course, they also wanted a hug.  Then Faith brought out her gift to me.  It was a Chinese knot that is meant to bring me good fortune and happiness in my life.  Both were nice gifts and I know they put a lot of thought into them.

The Chinese knot from Faith.

My girl key chains from Thalia and Erin.

This was a gift to David from one of his students.  Very pretty origami birds.

We planned to go to the Clarke’s this evening and have dinner with them at Pizza Hut, but we had to wait around until David was done with Square dance.  He got a message from the young man that was supposed to be getting the permit to do it and said that he couldn’t get the permit.  Whenever you want to use a room in a building, you have to have a piece of paper with a red star on it that tells everyone that it has been okayed for you to be there doing what you are doing.  They also needed one of the colleges on the campus to sponsor it.  He tried to get his college to sponsor it, but they told him they wouldn’t do it, so he wasn’t able to get the paper with the stamp of the red star.  Well, we decided to leave earlier than we had planned and got to the Clarke’s about 4:30.  We visited for a while and then had a nice dinner at the Pizza Hut.  We stopped by the market that was close by, but didn’t find anything we wanted, so we went back to their apartment and played “Skip-bo.”  It was a fun evening.

These are Seth's children holding the parasols and swords that I sent them for Christmas.  Happy Kids!

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David Milo Pearson said...

So, are we to understand then that there was no square dancing practice that evening?

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