Thursday, December 19, 2013

Day 113 - Butterflies and Groceries

Day 113 – Butterflies and Groceries

David went to do finals in his classes and I stayed here and worked to be ready for the next two weeks.  I think I have everything ready with scores and charts and plans.  It is hard to settle down to doing some of these things when your stomach is full of butterflies about what is coming. 

The TV studio got plans straightened out for the taping tomorrow.  I’m not sure how much baking they really do here, but the TV people said they only had an oven and asked what else did they would need to have ready.  The thought came to me that they are probably as nervous about having me come as I am to go there and do this!  They are a very respectful people the invite as special guests, especially when you are a foreign teacher.  I just need to settle down and relax, but I’m having trouble doing that.

We were just deciding to go out and have lunch and then go to the grocery store when Alisa called on Facetime, so we talked with her.  Then we went to Yon Ho for a quick lunch and on to Carrefour for the groceries.  Today was pretty cold and the pollution is pretty bad, so we didn’t want to be out in it for very long.

Alan came for his tutoring session.  It was funny, he told us that when we were there for dinner on Sunday, his Dad chided him afterward for not speaking up more and talking, but my perception was that between David and Alan’s Dad, it was hard to get a word in edgewise for anyone else!  Alan really was kind of over shadowed by them.  I think his Dad was a little excited to have us there also. 

I hope I can sleep tonight…. 


ConservativeTeacher said...

Is it Christmas Eve?!

David Milo Pearson said...

Not until December 24. Today (in the U.S.), as I read this, it is Thursday, December 19. Christmas Eve is next Tuesday, December 24.

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