Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Day 125 - Last Day of Finals!

Day 125 - Last Day of Finals!

I had my last day of finals today.  It is so insightful into the lives of these students to ask them a few questions after they have answered their “planned out answer” to the first.  It also helps me better judge their skills in speaking English when they don’t have a planned answer to a question.  The last student today planned to be the last and asked me to turn off the timer because he had a “lot of questions” he wanted to ask me.  I told him that I had planned to meet my husband at the canteen at twelve, so that gave him an extra seven minutes to talk with me.  His friend stayed in the room also because he wanted to hear the answers I gave to the questions.  He mostly asked questions about life in America and about some of the events I have dealt with here in China.  As I packed up my things to walk to the canteen, my last three students were waiting for the elevator and I caught up with them.  We all slowly walked to the canteen and they were able to ask me more questions.  These students are just so wonderful!

We met Eva at the Teacher Restaurant for lunch.  She came to our apartment and tried to help me print out the final scores for my students, but the system is not accepting final scores as yet, so I can’t print them out until we get back from Harbin. 

The computer chairs we had bought back in October have been falling apart.  One of the wheels on mine has already broken off.  The seat on David’s was tilting to the side and would probably have broken off at any moment.  We talked to the University because really, it is their part of the contract to provide us with the furnishings of this apartment.  They brought the new chairs this morning.  Much better!  They are used, but they do seem to be quality. 

We are leaving for Harbin and the Snow and Ice Festival in the morning, so we did our packing tonight.  Had to make sure we had all the warm clothing we could find to handle the cold we expect to experience up there!

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