Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Day 76 - New Coat

Day 76

David stayed home and mopped floors and got frustrated with the internet and got some work done.  I had classes and we had a wonderful time.  The students are a joy to teach.  And it helps when the lesson plan goes as I thought it should.

After lunch, we hurried to the bus stop where I was to meet Nancy Pace so we could go visiting teaching to Libby Clarke.  David hurried on ahead because he had his bike and got to the stop ahead of me.  We were a little late getting out the door, so we weren’t at the stop in time.  Nancy had already gotten off the bus and waited for me to get there.  We had a nice visit with Libby… and Wayne.  He liked to listen in on our conversation and chime in where he wanted to even though he was in the other room. 

I went to the bus stop where Nancy gets off to go to her apartment, and we waited for David to get off the other bus when he got there.  We had planned to go shop at RT Mart or In Zone and then meet Eva when she got out of class so she could drive us home with our groceries.  We looked at a store for a good winter coat.  We realized that the one I brought was not going to be warm enough for here.  We couldn’t find one.  After we met Eva, she came to the store with us and because we had a Chinese speaker with us, we were able to find a coat in my size.  The Chinese have the larger sizes, they just don’t sell many of them and don’t keep them out on the floor.   Someone had to go to the back stockroom to grab the size they needed for me.  It is a nice warm coat and should take care of what I need this year. 

We got home in time to get things settled before Allan came for David to tutor.  I worked on lesson plans and got ready for tomorrow.
My new Chinese coat.  At least I think it was made in China...

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