Friday, November 29, 2013

Day 93 - Piano Concert

Day 93 – Piano Concert

David and I both taught today.  My lessons went great.  His did also.  He really enjoys his second class on Friday’s.  They have such a fun personality as a class.  Teachers will know what we mean when we say that.  Each group of students meshes in a particular way and it makes some classes more fun than others. 

After lunch, we went to the post office with one of David’s graduate students so that we could get a box mailed off to home.  I took a nap after we got back.  I think I had too much sugar at the dinner yesterday, more than I have had in a long time here in China, and it kept me awake for a long time last night.  After the nap, it was busy with school work.  David had square dancing kids come at four.  He enough boys and girls for two full squares of dancers.  They all seem to be having a lot of fun with it.  It is also a great way for them to mix and mingle and meet new people and get to know them better.

Allan, the high school boy that David tutors, had invited us to go to a piano concert performed by a Russian pianist this evening.  We ended up having seats front and center.  It was a nice concert.  She played music by Russian and French composers.  Then it was back here to get some more work done.

The Russian pianist, whoever she is...

These children just kept inching up closer and closer.  I think if they thought they could, they would have sat on the stage next to the piano to listen.  I noticed a young girls, probably about 11 years old, sitting close to me that was pounding out a melody on her imaginary piano the same way the Russian pianist was.

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