Thursday, November 21, 2013

Day 85 - Thursday

Day 85 – Thursday

David left for class and I waited here for the Ballentine’s (our supervisors from BYU) to call so I could lead them to David’s class.  They got here right at 8:30, so I rushed over to get them at the South Gate and lead them there.  We stayed there until 9:30 and then I showed them where Monica’s office was.  They were going to a meeting with the University leaders to talk about issues the BYU teachers have had here and possible solutions to make it easier for us.  I went back to the apartment and got some things done. 

At 12:00, we met at the University Hotel, Xue Ren, and had lunch with the leaders of the Foreign Officers Office and Eva.  The Clarke’s and Stan Pace were there also.  Nancy had to teach, poor lady couldn’t get out early enough to join us.  It was a REALLY nice lunch!  We got some pictures afterward. 

Our lunch group at the hotel.

After the lunch, the Ballentine’s, Clarke’s and Stan all came over here so they could tell us some of the things that the University officials said and also to inspect our apartment.  They are wondering if any of us want to stay another year.  The university really likes us all and would love to have us stay.  No pressure here!  They do need an answer by the Hong Kong meeting at the end of January. 

David had another square dance session at 4.  He had a good group of students out there and they had a lot of fun.  Eva came by shortly after they started and she talked with me for a while about the testing I need to do and about having us stay.  Then we walked over to the canteen and got the meal set up for tomorrow when the other BYU teachers are meeting us here before we go over to enjoy the concert that Kathy Hong’s mother is performing in.  We ate dinner at the canteen and then came back to work.  Dull, aren’t we…

Today's square dance group.

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