Saturday, November 30, 2013

Day 94 - The Baking Store!

Day 94 – Baking Store!

We did a video chat with Seth’s family and Kadie’s family and Rachel, Evan and Alisa and CJ for a little while this morning.  Being here in China is hardest around the holidays.  It is amazing to almost be there though through the blessing of technology that we have to talk face to face.

Leo picked us up today for the Children’s class because Gilbert had a wedding to attend.  The class went well.  Zenia wasn’t able to be there either, but they got another woman who teaches English at another university here in Ji’nan and she has a 7 year old daughter who was there also.  Helen had to make sure that she was sitting next to David while we were doing some lessons and singing.  Leo then took us to lunch and brought us home.  He doesn’t speak much English, but he does speak some.

David took a nap and then we rode the bus to Wayne and Libby Clarke’s place.  They took us to a store that has all sorts of baking supplies.  It is a fairly new concept in China to bake and so it is hard to find things like shortening, baking powder, powdered sugar, and brown sugar that is really brown sugar and not just sugar with molasses in it, and measuring cups and things like that.  We were at the store for about 45 minutes just making sure that we had all the things we would love to have to bake with.  They did have a bunch of spices, but the labels were mostly in Chinese so I couldn’t tell if one of them was cloves or not, the only one that I haven’t been able to find here.  Cinnamon is also hard to find, but one of the other BYU teachers found a large supply of it in her apartment and shared some with me.  Wayne and Libby ended up buying a new toaster oven for their apartment, an early Christmas present for Libby from Wayne.  I bought an oven thermometer for mine and that makes me feel more confident with the toaster oven I have.  All the numbers are erased off of it and what is left are in Chinese, so this will be a big help.

We walked back to their place and chatted for a while longer.  Then we took the bus back and stopped at McDonald’s for a quick supper and then came home.  I make three pumpkin pies and one banana cream pie for our BYU Teachers' Potluck Thanksgiving Dinner tomorrow.  

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ConservativeTeacher said...

You forgot to mention the bus ride over to the Clarke's. When we got on a nice young man dressed in a suit and tie got up and offered his seat to me. I've learned not to refuse. He said he was taught by his kindergarten teacher to respect and treat kindly older people. He then started asking us questions in English. We talked all the way to the where we got off. He is a senior in Shandong Univ. and was going to a job interview near where we were going. He and his friend, who was also dressed up, took us to the campus entrance where we needed to go and then walked BACK to their interview! So kind, when I would expect them to have been so concerned about getting to their interview instead!

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