Thursday, November 21, 2013

Days 82, 83, 84 - Make-up Class, Ballentine's, and a Coughing Fit

Day 82 – Monday

David and I both had classes this morning.  Mine was to make up the Friday class that I missed by going to Beijing.  They are a class that I click well with most of the students.  They are fun to be around.  I’m glad that I didn’t have to teach more than that because my voice was all froggy and I don’t think it would have held up for another two hours.  I’m doing all I can to get it in better shape for tomorrow, even using some of the Chinese herbal medicine that they use for throats (Lou han guo).

Had to catch up on laundry today, also.  Had Facetime chats with Alisa and Rachel, and since Rachel was at Seth’s, I was able to chat with Seth, Carolyn and their children a little bit also. 

David and I walked down to RT Mart and got some groceries.  Then we rode the bus back and got back to work.

Day 83 – Tuesday

I had classes this morning.  I started coughing during the first hour and had a hard time talking.  A cough drop helped and then one of the students gave me a piece of gum during the break and I got through the rest of the classes. 

David and I met Eva at the Teacher Restaurant in the canteen for lunch.  Had a good visit.  Worked on lessons this afternoon. 

We left for the Hanlin Hotel about 5:30 and got there just after 6.  Jamie and Geniel Ballentine are here from the BYU - CTP program to see how we are doing and we had a dinner with them at the Hanlin Hotel Restaurant.  We visited with Wendy until time to go down to the private dining room that we had reserved for the dinner.  There was TOO much good food and then Wendy had a dessert in their room afterward.  It was a fun visit and we all had a great time.  Caught the bus home.

Day 84 – Wednesday

David and I both had classes today.  Everything went well, except for the coughing fit I got into during the first hour.  I put a cough drop in and it helped, but during the break, one of the boys in the class gave me a stick of gum, knowing it would help.  He gets an “A” for the day!

We had lunch here and then worked until time for my afternoon class.  That went well.  David went to the canteen basement and played games with his students.  He had one girl there that he was talking with and he didn’t recognize her.  He asked which class she was in.  She said, “I’m not in your class.  I just heard about you and I think it is fun to do these things with you!  There was hit pat on the back for the day!  We had dinner here and continued to work this evening.  Now time for bed!

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