Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Day 91 - Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Pumpkin!

Day 91

My classes went well today.  David’s did also.  As I was going down the stairs to go to my second class in another building, some of the boys from the first class were in the hall practicing the play that they had written and were going to perform in their English Writing class (taught by a Chinese teacher.  I only do Oral classes).  I talked to them for a minute and then wished them good luck.  I was late for my afternoon class though because I had to get copies for the readers’ theaters we are going to do in the sophomore class.  It just took more time than I had planned for. 

Wayne and Libby Clarke came by with a pumpkin they had bought for me to make pumpkin pie with for the dinner tomorrow.  While I was at class, Ken, a teacher from Scotland that is coming to the Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow dropped off some pumpkin also.  Then Mary, deputy director from the Foreign Teachers Office, said that she would bring me a fresh pumpkin from her sister’s farm tomorrow.  I think I have enough pumpkin now! 

After my class, David and I went to RT Mart and bought all the things that I will need to make the pies for tomorrow.  We had dinner at Gingren Pie.  While we were waiting for a bus to take us there, a young woman who goes to Shandong University spoke to us and shared some of the chocolate that she had just bought with us.  She talked about how she wants to go study at Princeton University someday.  A very lovely young woman!  She got off the bus sooner than we did. 

David had some students from his class come over to rehears a readers’ theater for his class and then went to the China Mobile store with Eva to get things figured out on his cell phone.  Then he had games at the canteen until 5.   

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