Sunday, November 24, 2013

Day 87 - A Little Night Music

Day 87

Gilbert picked us up today and we taught the children’s class.  Little Helen is in love with David and gave him MANY big hugs!  She is so cute!  We had a little trouble with Susan, but Steven was his usual smart self.  We took them outside for the break and threw David’s little blue football around.  They had a great time with that. 

After the class, Gilbert worked on my Chinese with me and David helped Zinia with the guitar.  She had brought hers today and was excited (well, as excited as some Chinese will show it) to have him help her learn some things on it.  Then they drove us to Walmart and we got a few things that we can’t seem to get at RT Mart.  We keep trying to find things that we have to have time just looking around the store and most of the time, we really don’t have time to spend just wandering the store to find things.

David had promised some of his students to play football today, so he left to go play with them.  He only had two boys show up of the twelve or so that had signed up. They were just tossing the ball around and two other boys were watching them and finally they asked if they could get in on it also, so they joined in and had fun. 

The internet was being slow and we needed to go to Uni-Mart and get eggs and bread, so we left about 7:30.  As we passed by the Concert Hall on campus, we noticed that there was something going on, so we went over and peaked in.  They were having a dulcimer concert!  We stood around outside the doors listening, not quite sure if we were allowed to go in, when a young man came out and indicated that we could go in and even showed us to some seats we could sit in.  It was wonderful and amazing!  We stayed there until the end of the concert.  We were the object of several pictures, too.  We finished going to Uni-Mart when it was done.  The internet was behaving better when we got back also.

A dulcimer group of four.

The Grand Finale was twelve dulcimers on the stage at the same time with one guy on the a beat box.
What a  wonderful event it was to stumble into!

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