Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Day 77 - Kneeding TLC

Day 77 

Last night while getting ready for bed, I wrenched my knee.  Not fun, pain most of the night.  I wondered how I was going to climb the five stories to my classroom this morning and also make the trip to Beijing on Thursday and climb the Great Wall on Friday.  I got some pain meds and did some ice and asked David for a blessing this morning.  I was able to climb the stairs without an unimaginable amount of pain and as I used it during the day and kept up the pain killer, it has felt better today.  I just hope I didn’t do anything really bad to it.  The arthritis in that knee has been bothering me more here in Ji’nan with all the extra walking, but this is 100 times worse than just arthritis.

Classes went well today for me and also for David.  The sophomore class was this afternoon.  Some of the students are starting to “pair up”.  There is Chinese law that High School students are forbidden to get boyfriends and girlfriends.  So now that they are in college, it is legal for them to start having that kind of relationship.  There are two couples so far in this class.  They have gotten to know each other for a year now, and some of them like each other more than they did.  There is also a law that guys can’t get married before they are 22.  I learned that in class today.  Interesting… 

We leave for Beijing tomorrow afternoon.  We are taking the bullet train to get there.  It will take about two hours to get there.  We are interested to find out what that will be like.

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