Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Day 169 – Pay Day

We had a chance to talk with Seth and family and Kadie and family today.  That was nice.  Seth’s family was over at Kadie’s because they had their carpets cleaned today and Kadie made them dinner so that the carpets would have time to dry.  We also got to Facetime with Alisa. 

The two highlights of the day were going over to the Foreign Students Office and showing them our passports.  We have to report back in to them since we returned from our trip.  That took all of 15 minutes out the door and back…

The next was getting paid.  The trips we have been on have almost totally drained our Chinese bank account, so we were happy to have money back in there for groceries and necessities. 

Besides doing some indexing, mopping the floors, cooking dinner, washing the dishes and getting a nap, that was our day.


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