Friday, February 28, 2014

Day 184 – Lunch? Nope.

David went to teach his Thursday morning class.  He only has one-two hour class today, so he got home by ten.  I did a video chat with Caleb, Bethany and Aleeyah.  She wanted to talk with Grandpa, too, but he was gone.  Then I worked on Primary.  I hope it gets easier soon; it is taking a lot of time to make these videos and power points for it.  I finally finished it tonight.  I’m sending it off early to make sure that it works.  We have had problems with the internet all day, Astrill, our VPN provider has been off most of the day.  I hope it all works, I am so tired!

We had planned to meet Eva for lunch at the canteen and see if the credits were there on our cards, but she had to go get her car fixed and wasn’t able to make it.  (She explained that the things that wipe the rain off of the window on the car weren’t working, so she couldn’t drive in the rain – windshield wipers.  Funny!)  We decided to go to the canteen anyway.  Our lunch credits have not been put on yet, so we had to pay 15 Yuan (about $2.25) each to eat at the buffet.  If you get there early enough, most of the food is still warm.

On the way back to the apartment, we met “John,” another teacher in the English department that we had lunch with before.  As we were chatting, he learned that I have to travel to the Baotuquan Campus on Monday’s, and he was going to see if there was some way to change that, since they stopped running the shuttle buses to that campus.  He was able to get the university to pay me for the bus fare that I have to use while riding the city buses back and forth.  It’s something…

This bush is on our way out the South Gate of campus.  The flowers have such an intoxicating smell!  We stop and breathe it in every time we go by it!  

The flowers are really small and they aren't much to look at, but the smell is wonderful!

We had to go to the Technology Center to go buy new ink cartridges for the printer.  Then it was dinner here and more work on Primary music.  Now that it is done, I can do some planning for my classes at the university.

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