Friday, February 28, 2014

Day 185 – Cookies and Bread

David had to leave early for his class to meet a woman who wants him to review and edit a scholarly paper she has written.  It is a pretty in depth article and we had to look up several words to understand what she was saying.

Classes went well for both of us today.  My lessons went well with my students.  Nothing really unusual happened, we just had fun teaching.

We had planned to go to the Hanlin Hotel for a dinner with the others tonight to celebrate the Purnell’s coming back from Canada and also Sue Schauerhamer’s birthday, but the Purnell’s didn’t get back from the airport as early as they had hoped, so we had to put it off.  I had started making rolls for our dinner, so I had to finish them.  They were sure yummy, but we had more than we could eat, so I guess we will eat them over the next few days.  They were a little doughy because the glass pans don’t cook well in the toaster oven.  I’ll have to try a different pan next time. 

David had his student monitors come over for a meeting at four, and I made cookies for them.  They came in to watch me make them, and then I baked them while they had their meeting and then they had a treat for coming. 

Since we didn’t have anywhere to go this evening since the party was cancelled, we had dinner and then went for a walk to Uni-mart to get eggs and milk.  Exciting, I know!

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