Saturday, February 15, 2014

Day 172 – Out For Ice Cream… Funny Signs

 That’s about all we did today.  We got tired of being in the apartment.  I was working on stuff for the Primary Music and David was done commenting on Facebook and the news articles, so we went out for ice cream. It was fairly warm today, in the 40’s, but a cold wind and the pollution was below 200 today, so we went to get ice cream at McDonald’s and then walked around the campus.  Then we were back at the apartment for more work for me and David took a nap. 

I promised myself that on a slow news day like today I would post some of the funny sign translations that we have found in our travels over the last four weeks.  
Just seemed odd here at the ocean in Sanya where you are surrounded by the sea...

I wonder what it is dreaming of?  Does it have nightmares of being mowed? 

It was a rather cold day for a swim...

We all got a kick out of this one.  We know it as, "You are here."

Yes, please drown carefully!

I didn't even WANT to know what they sell here!

Or here!!!

In other words, don't eat with your mouth open when you are eating organic foods... or something like that...

We loved all the, "Warm Tips" they were telling us.

Racy Clable, Racy Clable.....

Yes!  Make sure your fire has clothes on!

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