Thursday, February 13, 2014

Day 170 – Hamburger Stew

 So you will know that these days are pretty slow when you find me blogging about the food I am making for dinner.  After being in the apartment all morning, we decided to go to RT Mart so that we could get some hamburger and I could make Hamburger Stew for supper.  We walked to the bus stop and rode the bus there.  We had wanted to go to Jingren Pie for lunch, but we found out the place has been closed and won’t be opening again.  We are sad because we really like their food, especially their fruit salad.  Instead, we went to KFC for lunch, a poor substitute when you had your taste buds set for Jingren Pie…

We got the groceries we needed at RT Mart.  They have some biscuits that we enjoy, so when I went there to get them in the bakery department, one of the workers who has helped me before was there and came out with a big, “Hello,” when she saw me.  It wasn’t the Chinese greeting, “Nee How,” but “Hello” and then she had a big grin on her face!  So fun!  We made a stop at the local outdoor fruit and vegetable market to get the veggies we needed for the stew before we went home.

Back at the apartment, I made the stew and then came back to work on the computer.  I have found time now to get back to indexing and it is very relaxing to do. 

Alan came over for a tutoring session tonight.  David showed him the pictures of our trip.  When time was up, Alan’s mother came up and gave us some dumplings that are tradition for the Lantern Festival, which starts tomorrow, on Valentine’s Day.  We are supposed to eat them for breakfast and she explained how to cook them, with Alan helping to translate words that she wasn’t sure of.  

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