Friday, February 21, 2014

Day 177 & 178 – Walking, Walking, Working… Ice Cream!

 I was working late on my class lists that I had just received and on power points for class that I forgot to write until I was already in bed.  Just a little excited for classes to start in again, I guess.

We seemed to spend most of the day walking yesterday.  We walked to a pharmacy to get some vitamins and throat lozenges for David.  Then we walked to RT Mart for groceries.  We walked home.  Wayne Clarke walked here to home teach us.  We walked to the bus stop and took the bus to the Baotuquan Campus where I will be teaching two classes on Monday’s next term.  Wayne and Libby showed us where my classes will be since they live on that campus and know where things are.  Then we walked back to the bus stop and walked home from the bus stop.  We were a little tired, but the weather was nice and it is starting to feel like spring may be coming!

Alan came after dinner so that David could tutor him.  The evening was spent working on stuff for our classes and then we had a quick chat with Seth and family before they all left for school.  I think it was the quick chat with the grandkids and all of Grandpa’s silly faces to them that made me forget to write the blog…  ;)

Friday, we spent the morning and most of the afternoon working on school stuff.  David doesn’t have his class lists and probably won’t have them for two weeks, but still has to teach on Monday.  He does know about how many students he has in each class though. 

Two girls came over to give us some decorations for the Lantern Festival and the Chinese New Year, even though it is late.  They had both gone home, but wanted to give us something, even though it was late. They were two of the girls that had come over with the group of students that made us dinner and I made them cookies.  It was so sweet of them to think of us.  
We decided that the best place for our new Chinese lanterns was on each side of this silk wall hanging.  They were having trouble getting the tape to stick to the wall, so we just put the strings under the clips.  It works!

Since we had been in the house most of the day, we decided to go out to eat at Hon Yo.  We decided to go to Carrefour after that and get some milk and ice cream.  We couldn’t find any ice cream there, so we got the milk and some yogurt.  There is an ice cream stand near the exit of the store, so we each got some ice cream from that.  They make a taro flavored ice cream that tastes pretty good.   There were some other interesting flavors also.  Not the best ice cream but it was good enough. 

We decided to find a bus stop for the K55 bus that stops at the south end of our campus, so we walked a little way and found it.  Then we had to wait about 10-15 minutes before it came.  We need to get out and explore more to find other stops of buses that we use. 

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