Monday, February 17, 2014

Day 173 & 174 – Sunday, Frozen, Baotu Springs Lantern Festival

 Sunday was pretty typical.  We went to the Hanlin Hotel for Church.  Since the Purnell’s weren’t back yet, we had dinner in the Schauerhammer’s apartment afterward.  The food was good, too.  We went home and I did some indexing and we watch a little bit of a movie.

Monday, we did Facetime with Rachel, Alisa and Seth’s family.  They were all there together at Seth’s place.  Megan played her first songs on the piano that she is learning from her piano lessons.  So cute!

Eva had given us tickets to the movie theater in the Park 66 Mall, so we decided to go see Frozen today.  Here in China, they translate the name to, “Snow Romance.”  We enjoyed the movie.
As we were walking to Baotu Springs after the movie, there were lots of people flying kites in Quanchen Square.  This was an alligator or crocodile if you couldn't tell.  There were some really neat one.

After the movie, we decided to go to Baotu Springs and see what was there from the Lantern Festival.  Anything that they put lights to here is considered a “lantern.”  What we saw were a lot of scenes, some made with paper and some of fabric that depicted different things about China.  Some were flower themed and there was a large display about some of the great poets and writers of China, most of who were from ancient times.  Some depicted children at play and there was one that was the characters of a popular cartoon here in China.  We walked and walked until we decided we had seen everything and we were tired and cold.  We got the bus back home and had warm soup for supper.
This was one of the first displays in the Park.  It has the horses, but also the dragon.  They are even more wonderful when they are lit up at night, but we were too tired to stay for that to happen.

Lanterns up in the trees.

This display was all about the children and playing.

This one was  family activities. 

Something we hadn't seen when we were at the park before was the seal in the springs.  I know you can hardly tell it from just the nose sticking out of the water, but that is what it is.

A lot of the walkways had lanterns lining them.

Some of the displays were on the water.  These are vases on the water.

I thought this one looked cool.  It has the dragon on the top.

Another beautiful lantern display on the water.  I would loved to have seen this one at night.  Maybe we'll get brave and do it again before they take them down.

This one is the water lilies.  On the far left side, that is supposed to be a child sliding into the water.

All the lotuses floating on the water will look wonderful in the lantern light because they look so wonderful during the day!

Isn't this one "Audrey II"?  "Feed me Seymore," 

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